Magic of Music Teacher Training

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Childlight Yoga

In this dynamic and experiential workshop—full of immediately actionable ideas— Kira Willey will teach you how to incorporate music, rhythm and song seamlessly into your classes in order to:

—Completely engage (and keep!) kids’ attention

—Use music as a teaching tool, without losing control of the group

—Create predictable, calming structure

—Ease transitions

—Give children tools to release stress and anxiety

—Help children focus their energy

Kira will demonstrate her teaching methods using original music from her five albums of kids’ yoga songs, as well as playing live. She’ll guide you in creating your own rhythm games, call & response activities, and songs which will captivate children, and serve as musical “touchstones” throughout your classes. There’s absolutely no musical experience necessary, Kira’s an expert at making these techniques immediately accessible, and FUN, for everyone!

You’ll learn:

—How music and rhythm help focus the brainimg-1

—How to combine music and movement to fully engage kids

—How to use music to create predictable, calming structure for children

—How to build community through music

—How to use music to help teach mindfulness

—How music and memory work together to help kids retain information

—How to use “hooks” & refrains to create memorable rhythm games and songs

You'll have a blast trying these techniques in breakout groups, and will leave totally inspired, with tons of use-it-now ideas to incorporate into your classes right away!